Wednesday, September 12, 2012

More Vincent van Gogh!

My 75 sixth graders are now in the process of creating their one-point perspective Vincent van Gogh rooms. After taking drawing notes (step by step by step by step) for days, they are ready to move on.  We started off by drawing their names in one-point perspective for practice, and then took more notes on the one-point perspective furniture, rooms, ceilings, doorways, portals, etc. They are just starting in pencil on watercolor paper (after practicing on copy paper). They will sharpie these and then colored pencil the furniture. They will watercolor the backgrounds. Fabulous job!!!

Before we started to draw the rooms, we drew names in one-point perspective. This was a great way for me to learn their names as well as their likes and interests (I had them draw images on the front of each letter that portrayed their interests).  They also had to shade dark to light going away from the front of the letter.


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