Wednesday, September 5, 2012


What to do with extra cardboard boxes?? Study the artist Zimoun, a Swiss artist who creates installation pieces using cardboard. Some of them make noise, some are many boxes attached together, but all are very interesting...

Ann Weber does amazingly detailed work with cardboard boxes. She breaks them down even further into very overlapped and intricate sculptures.

The 7th graders created sculptural cardboard boxes. We started by cutting out 6 squares, either 5x5" or 6x6". They had to get creative with the cardboard, breaking it apart, pulling it apart, tearing it, crumbling it, etc. We used good old elmer's glue to keep them on. Hot glue was too dangerous, expensive, and stringy (but I admit, easier!!). They punched two holes in the top of two pieces so that they could make a string hinge. :)

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