Thursday, October 18, 2012

What's New?

If you have been following this blog and/or are looking on as a parent, you might just wonder what we're up to in the classroom.

The 8th graders have actively been working on 5 pt. perspective (curvilinear perspective). They are working on their final pieces today. One student asked about 4-point perspective. The link to a great video is here. I will post pictures soon. The poor students are quite tired of this... we're working on the "bird's eye view" of the city.

The 7th graders are finishing up the painting of tints and shades on their Keith Haring pieces. Keith Haring was a painter, but also has some sculptures of symbolic shapes and ideas, mainly political and social ideas. The students had to think of their own, pertaining to them, their name, their likes/dislikes, etc. They paper mached them, and are now painting them.

The 6th graders are working on their Alebrijes (still- see the post below this one for more information). They are finishing up painting the details on at this time. They are also working on their stories. They will present them either today or tomorrow! We're anxiously awaiting these wonderful and creative stories.

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