Tuesday, November 6, 2012

7th Grade Collage

With the help of our wonderful student teacher, Miss Jones, the 7th graders embarked on a lovely journey through the art of collage. They started off with a simple collage project, using a drawn image, tracing paper, scissors, and glue sticks. From this simple collage, they were asked to incorporate mixed-media, such as paints, tissue paper, and ink.  The students were really given the opportunity to open up and be creative, layering, coloring, mixing, cutting, and tearing. The outcome was more than we could have imagined. Some filled in shapes with collage, others layered and tore, wrote and outlined, etc. Here is just a small sampling of some of their work. Some of the artists that we looked at are:

abstract art, abstract art painting, abstract art paintings, michel keck

More student work:

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