Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day... It came and went. We do not participate in holiday related themes at school (we aren't supposed to...), but one of the 6th grade classes had half of the students out at a special luncheon. The rest of us could not continue on with our perspective drawing without them, so we decided to make Valentine's.
Did you know that 6th graders love their parents?? They were writing the sweetest letters to their mothers, fathers, and other folks who are important to them. This was the only class, of course, that participated in this rebellious activity!

I am writing about Valentine's Day, but I seriously thought about doing a Jim Dine Pop Art lesson plan. Perhaps in the future.... Jim Dine is the perfect candidate for a lesson plan subject on Valentine's Day. He is a Pop Artist from Ohio who was born in 1935. His hearts are wonderful.

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