Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Art Show!

I am happy to announce that we have several participants in the Jackson County Art Council's first ever Middle/High School Art Show! Pictures will come at a later time and date, but I wanted to congratulate the following students for having art pieces in the show:

#1   8th Grade Annie H. “Sushi Platter” Mixed Media
#2   8th Grade Brandon F. “Mask” Clay and Glaze
#3   8th Grade Tyler C. “Mask” Clay and Glaze (needs to bring in)
#4   7th Grade CJ G. “Pottery Bowl” Clay and Glaze

#5   8th Grade Aaron G. “Self Portrait Grid” Pencil
#6   8th Grade Aaron G. “Snowboarder “ Foil Relief
#7   8th Grade Zach B. “Graffiti Name” Mixed Media

#8    7th Grade Dorian J. “Shoe Drawing” Pencil
#9   7th Grade Julia K. “Shoe Drawing” Pencil
#10   7th Grade Sophia B. “Crumbled Paper Drawing” Pencil
#11   7th Grade Maggie D. “Crumbled Paper Drawing” Pencil
#12   7th Grade Madison B. “Crumbled Paper Drawing” Pencil
#13  7th Grade Maggie D. “Popsicle Layers” Mixed Media

#14  6th Grade Emme G. “One Point Perspective Name” Mixed Media
#15  6th Grade Tyler M. “Shaded Stripes” Mixed Media (needs to finish)
# 16  6th Grade Avery P. “Shaded Stripes”  Mixed Media

We had limited wall/table space, so there are only a few students. This year, we had little time to gather the pieces, being the first year, but next year, I will know in advance. The art show opening was last Friday. My husband was in a wedding in Nashville, TN, so I was unable to attend. I will stop by one evening this week to take pictures to post for you. I know that you will want to see what was chosen. Congratulations to these students!

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