Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Durer or Dragon?

7th and 8th graders have been studying Albrecht Durer and other print makers. The students watched a ppt and also a YouTube video on this artist and also Warhol. We studied the "Knight, Death, and the Devil" and looked at the amazing attention to detail! The students enjoyed pointing out various aspects of the print.  

The students were each given a piece of linoleum approximately 4x6". They were given free range on subject matter, but were asked not to draw any logos, words, etc. (there were a few exceptions). Those who chose to carve words had to make them backwards so that they would print straight. We then created mixed-media collage books that the students could then place one of each classmates' prints in their books. The students were taught how to sign the prints (using a pencil, writing very small, signing their name, the number, and the "Title").


Yes, our precious child who is openly obsessed with dragons actually created this book. She glued yarn onto a painted background, then cut a hole/window out of the cover. She created a colored pencil drawing of a dragon's eye and placed it behind the cover. She chose to fill her dragon book with dragon drawings (and her dragon print). I'm open to this! Go Sarah!

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