Thursday, August 1, 2013


It's over... but that means a wonderful and exciting new year ahead of us. What did you do this summer? Did you relax with your family and friends or perhaps work hard accomplishing something? Did you create this summer? I have been back at work for a few days now, and have already had a few students come by to show me their drawing notebooks. I am so thankful for these precious visitors. Most of the drawings were Manga, which I truly need to catch up on.
Figure in Manga Style 
I had a wonderful summer with my boys. Those two wore me out, or I wore them out, or a combination thereof. I took them somewhere nearly every day of the summer, either in and around Athens, somewhere near Gwinnett, or off to Atlanta. We were blessed to be able to go to the beach for a week and also to go up to the lake. We are lucky to have generous friends and family! I love the picture below with the tattoos and bellies :)

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