Thursday, September 26, 2013

Abstract with Thibadeau

Miss Thibadeau, the wonderful student teacher from UGA, is finishing up her unit with the 8th graders. She has truly taught them to appreciate abstract art. They had a day of discussion and observation, a day of learning specific watercolor techniques (see the posting a few back), days of making small abstract pieces, and then they broke into the final piece. She had them think of a memory, and then she gave them a handout that listed three colors (emotions), three textures (surroundings/setting), and three lines (sounds).  Below are some of the final pieces (parts and whole):

The students really had to stretch their brain muscles to figure this out. There was a lot of art therapy going on in the classroom. The students then made separate pieces depicting color, line, and texture. They used the techniques that she had taught them. Their final piece was a combination of everything. The students then had to present these in small groups.

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