Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Color me happy!

                                  Gert Germeraad - portrait of a man, overview
I'm excited. The 8th grade portrait sculptures are out of the kiln, mostly intact. We do not have enough glazes for the sculptures, and sometimes the glaze makes them a bit too shiny, so we are going to try watercolor pigment. I've never done this before and am concerned about how it will turn out... I'll post the results soon. The sculptures above and below were both colored with watercolor pigment. I have heard of using shoe polish and/or watered down ink, but for today, we'll try watercolor. The above sculptures are from Gert Germeraad. You can see the 8th grade sculptures here.

                               La Loma Portraits (Polymer clay and watercolor, 6"  X 2" X 2", 5" X 2"  X 2", 5"  X 3" X 2", 6" X 2" X 2") - 2012

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