Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bake Sale!

Coconut Cupcake, by Patianne Stevenson
Today and tomorrow, our FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) will be holding a bake sale to support CURE.org. If you've never looked at that organization's website, you should. They provide medical care (extreme cases of surgery) to children in underdeveloped countries. We have been selling brownies and cookies to raise funds. So far, FCA has raised over $600. We will continue raising money throughout the week. Donations are appreciated!

The above sculpture is by an artist named Patianne Stevenson. She has an entire selection of cardboard sculptures that pertain to desserts! They are fascinating. As our budget is low (with so many children), it's nice to be inspired to create still more cardboard sculptures. The students have made paper mache food items in the past, but never these wonderful textural, decadent sculptures!

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