Thursday, January 2, 2014

First Day of Class

Today is the first day of class for my second semester. I will have these students for 90 days, usually less, depending on testing and such. I have had many of these students before, and many of them are new to me. My class sizes range from 28-38ish. I tried not to bore them with the usual rules (what middle schooler will actually remember them?), so I introduce myself, hand out an information sheet, show them the blog, explain some of the things that we will be doing, and have them jump right in with the making of their portfolios. I will have them keep all of their artwork in these portfolios throughout the semester. We do have the Jackson County Art Show coming up in March, as well as a few others that I am looking into. The student work is also on display throughout the school (wait a few weeks for that...). I am excited and thrilled to be working with this wonderful group of students. We will be working on our portfolios and sketchbooks during the first few weeks of school, then on to sketching exercises, and then to bigger and better things! Happy Creating!

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