Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Let me introduce our wonderful new student teacher, Keara Connor. We are privileged to have her in our presence. She comes to us as she is finishing up her masters degree from UGA. She has previously was the director of The Greensboro Children's Museum. She also has taught art classes at the Lyndon House (see below)

and also at Treehouse kid and craft (see below) in Athens, GA.

 In addition, she has also taught the preschoolers at Arrow, a co-op style childcare program that is also in Athens. She has a kind heart, a strong love for children and people of all ages, and she is an amazing artist. I have only seen glimpses of her paintings, but she is simply remarkable. She's also just plain adorable, as you can see below. (This picture was taken off of the Treehouse website and has a link from the image.)

She has started a HUGE and wonderful museum project with our 6th graders. While we have 39 or so students in each class, she handles them with great ease. She started by discussing museums, their former thoughts of museums, and then worked her way into showing them images of what a museum can be. Over a weeks time, she has broken them into groups, had them brainstorming, and planning their own museums, and even promised one class that they will have their museums on display in the Lyndon House gallery! We are having a fine arts night at JMS on April 29th and we are planning on showing some of them there as well. She is having them to create their own ideas, their own theme, their own complete engineering of these projects. She has given them cardboard and masking tape, scissors and glue, and has had them intrigued at the ideas that they are coming up with. I will eventually show images... They are building their small scale models for now and some have started on their actual museums (these are 5'x5'x5'). More to come... it was all too exciting not to share with you. :)

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