Monday, March 17, 2014

Jackson County Art Show

This past Friday, I had the honor of attending the 2nd annual art show. It was thrilling to see so much attention being given to the arts. There were current and former teachers, volunteers, parents, artists of all ages, businesses who donated money, and many other wonderful characters to learn about. Awards were given out in various categories. Our Hannah B. won 4th place (drawing), Isaac B. won 2nd place (mixed media), Mac F. won 3rd place (sculpture), and Shelby W. won 1st place (mixed media)!!

My precious Sobe showed up to check out his waves. He has made a series of these. He was inspired by where he last lived, on the coast. He frequently talks about the light coming through the waves, and how the colors were reflected. He is also a talented artist in many other areas, such as drawing log cabins, ships, and even making gingerbread houses! I can see him being a culinary artist when he "grows up".



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