Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thanks to Barb Nassar

When I was student teaching, about 4,000 years ago, I worked with a wonderful lady named Barbara Nassar. She introduced me (more than any college ever did) to the wonderful world of clay. Yes, I had done it before in school, but she really showed me how to teach the middle school aged child how to learn the skills necessary to then build their own creations. You can see the results below. Some are our animal vessels (7th) and others are our clay portrait sculptures (8th).

If you are SCARED OF CLOWNS, don't look!!! 
Florin and Katie both made very realistic, very frightening creatures. 

And for more...

A few chose to use acrylic paint since we were running out of glaze. One of them is below. Well done Sidney D.! She not only can create sculptures, drawn, and write, but she also is a certified scuba diver! We have such talented folks around here.

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