Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What's Next?

FYI- We changed Fine Arts Night to this Thursday due to the weather warning that is supposed to occur this evening. 

With us having three weeks of school left, one of those being the last week in which we have planned group activities, we only have three days this week and five the next. ONLY EIGHT DAYS OF ART LEFT! Here are our plans:

6th Grade: They will continue on with the Museum Project for today and tomorrow. I have them back on Thursday. I believe that we will complete a contour drawing project, Henri Rousseau inspired jungles. They will watercolor these. Hopefully the drawings can be from actual real life drawing out in our habitat, weather willing! They will draw on Thursday and Friday, sharpie them, and watercolor these. We will discuss foreground, middle ground, and back ground. We will complete another project at the end of next week... perhaps collaborate dragons or drawing journals (collage/mixed media).

7th Grade: We will complete Op Art with Bridgett Riley. The students will use markers for these. I will explain and show a demo. They will work on these today and tomorrow. On Thursday, we will start our Jenna Colby watercolor creatures. This is always a fun way to draw imaginative creatures and to practice watercolor techniques at the same time.

8th Grade: Tomorrow, we will start an Abstract Expressionism lesson. This was inspired by my old student teacher, Katherine T. I will present the art to them, leading them in a lively (wishful thinking?!) discussion of why and how people created Abstract art. I will then demonstrate (they will follow along with materials) various watercolor techniques. They will write up an event in their life that is a great memory. We will discuss color, shapes, forms, and texture. They will label each of these and practice a small watercolor depicting each. Finally, they will compile them all in their final piece. This is a wonderful lesson.

Must keep them busily working!! They still have days left to learn and create!! :)

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