Thursday, May 8, 2014


I just need to take a minute to give thanks for my little blessings. In working with children, we see children from all walks of life, who go through things that are horrific, sickening, beautiful, wonderful, magical, memorable, and even life changing, but they still come to us with open minds, ready for us to shape them. We get the chance to put a mark on these children. As things come up in our own lives, let us remember what a great chance that we are given to work with these little ones. We must remember to say their names, to look them in the eye, to give them a second chance, and to help mold them into the best that they can be. I want to thank God that he has given me my little ones (and may I soak up every minute with them!) and I truly pray that I can be the kind of teacher that I wish for my own to have.

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