Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week of August 25th

My favorite quote from a student last week was by far one of the funniest that I have heard in many years. This student is a fantastic student, and will completely love art (he already is starting to), but he came in with his heels dug in. The other day, we were working on perspective drawing. He was actually doing a good job, but wanted to be doing better. He looked at me and said, "Now I know why that artist cut his ear off!" I cracked up. Since many of your middle schoolers will come home and tell you that they did "nothing" in art, below is a list of what we will be doing this week. Know that I love these little folks. They make me laugh, smile, and sometimes cry nearly every day. I love my job.

In 6th grade, the students are finishing up their one point perspective names. They took two days of notes, starting with basic shapes, moving into more complex shapes, and then into letters. We worked as a class helping each other (I can't help all 30ish of them at once!). They transferred them to watercolor paper and have sharpied them. They are now adding their finishing touches. Later this week, we will start working on our Vincent van Gogh one point perspective rooms. We will take days of DRAWING notes and then will start on their final, very creative and fun drawings.
In 7th grade, the students are finishing up their Lion's Club peace posters. They have been working diligently for a week on these posters. They are using mixed media on these 14"x22" pieces. Such large pieces have taken a while and they have been very patient. The winner will be presented an award at the Jefferson Clubhouse. The students will be moving on to start taking notes for their cityscape drawings. They will take 3 days of drawing notes before they are really ready to embark on their own drawing adventure.
In 8th grade, the students are also finishing up their Lion's Club peace posters. They are moving on to taking portrait drawing notes. I am explaining and going over the correct facial proportions. We will be looking at Friday Kahlo and her work.

If ever you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at snorton@jeffcityschools.org.

Thank you,
Dr. Shana Norton

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