Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Donations for Art Supplies

Please remember that, even if you weren't able to participate in the fundraiser, you are MORE than welcome to send in a tax-deductible donation to the art room. I will write you a receipt for tax purposes. Please make checks out to "JMS." In the past, I have had much fewer students, but we now have almost double the students and the same budget. The 2nd semester students and/or the 6th graders are sometimes not able to complete all of the projects that require expensive materials (clay, printmaking, painting, etc.). Thank you in advance! 


A HUGE thank you to those parents who have already sent in money for art supplies. I will be purchasing colored pencils and acrylic paint with that money. We so appreciate it! 

And for all of you teachers out there, this should make you smile: 


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