Monday, November 17, 2014


With Thanksgiving coming up next week, I just want to say how thankful that I am for the love and support of my amazing family. They show me love like I've never known... they have given me the strong base that I need to then give to and work with my students. My sweet sister (the 2nd adult from the right on the front row) is due with a baby boy in January. She is just an amazing pediatric nurse, mother, wife, sister, and friend. My sweet mother, on the back row with the turquoise shirt (holding my son) helps out in very way possible. I'm in the back in the green shirt with all of my sweet family. Should you have family or friends, love on them throughout this next week. Tell them that you are so thankful for them. Love every minute that they are here with you. I've learned, as many of you have, that life can vanish in a minute. I am so thankful for my little boys (the two in the plaid shirts). I cannot get enough of them, as exhausting as it is. 


Time is flying by, folks. Enjoy this life. Don't dwell on the past... the rear view mirror is tiny for a reason. We should learn from the past and look through the huge front windshield at the future! 

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