Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Almost There!

It's that time of year again... nearing the end of the semester. We are wrapping up things. We only have three more days left in this week and five next week. Normally, the last few days of next week are reserved for finals and/or more fun activities.

Iyanu worked so hard on the image above. It certainly paid off! She did a magnificent job of making the nose just so that it wouldn't break off, but also didn't look flat. Amazing!

Mayce S., above, is flat out an amazing artist as well. She will do whatever she sets her mind to do. She's intelligent in many areas and is a magnificent artist. Her Dad was actually a sculpture major from UGA! 


I have really started trying to get all of the clay pieces fired in the kiln. Only 7th and 8th graders were able to make clay projects due to budgetary constraints (and large class sizes), but those should be coming home anytime from yesterday through the end of this week. The students are also cleaning out their portfolios and we are cleaning/have cleaned the hallways up. We have taken down almost all of the artwork in the hallways.

It is sort of refreshing as a teacher that we get to clean out/clean up and start over in January. My brain is churning with things that I need to revamp, things that worked, and things that I want to try. I am very excited about meeting new "friends" in January, but hate to lose these precious ones.

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