Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What's YOUR Personality??

The 8th grade students just completed their "Nine Square Personality Project" where they had to make 9 mixed-media creations that pertained to their emotions (abstract), things of interest, and/or physical traits. Most of them made three of each... They were to type or write a paper explaining the project. The results are always so interesting. As always, my lovely computer and/or the blogspot program turns the images no matter what i do. Lean your head sideways ;)


The student below, Clay, chose not to use multiple layers (watercolor, collage, etc.). He chose to make 21 light and quick sketches. They all pertained to his precious personality, things that he liked, funny things (the boy is super funny), the boat, the ocean, abstract, etc. 

Brylie (below) chose to create three abstract emotions, three physical traits (eye, hand, and lips), and three things of interest (shopping, makeup, and food). 

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