About Me


Greetings fellow curious artists! My name is Shana Market Norton and I teach middle school art at a wonderful, magical little school located in Georgia. I have the best job in the world, working with precious students in the art room. They inspire me every day and hopefully I can do the same for them.

I work as the Visual Arts instructor for grades 6-8, have helped with the ELL population, serve as the Department Head for the Connections Team, and am also a member of the Leadership Team here at school.

In addition to being an art teacher, I am also the mother of two wonderful boys who have completely stolen my heart and made me fall in love more than I knew was possible. They have shown me how much God must love us. I also have a wonderful niece who is seven and I also have a newborn nephew.

My educational background is in Psychology, Special Education, Leadership, and Art Education, so I am very interested in using the arts as therapy. I completed my Educational Doctorate with an emphasis in Teaching and Learning. My dissertation can be found here in the event that you can't sleep. One day, I might venture into administration or back into art therapy, but for now, "my cup runneth over" right where I am at!



  1. Hi Shana,

    I am so glad I found your wonderful blog. I am teaching 6th grade and am planning a unit on humor/claes oldenburg.

    I noticed your project with 8th graders and the images look amazing!

    If you have any advice or tips with building the food sculptures I would love to hear form you.

    I am wondering, how long did it take to complete?
    Was storage an issue?
    Were the students engaged?




  2. I'll email you and attach the ppt... thanks! :)