Friday, September 7, 2012

Signs, signs, everywhere are signs

To help my precious little 11-14 year old babies know what to do in the art room, I started the year off with new signs. I am hoping that some of them will sink in! It's easier to have it written than to have to say it during the day. Below are some of the latest:

This is just a reminder that they can do it and to encourage them to try their very best. Sometimes they forget that they are graded on EFFORT and risk-taking.

This sign is over each of the four sinks. I would much rather them leave the brushes in the sink for me to rinse out at the end of class than to put them up with paint on them. I've had too many ruined! :)

With cold season upon us, I remind these people to use sanitizer.  I have tissues and a huge container of germ-x sitting by it. 

A simple reminder... who doesn't love the Alice and Wonderland rabbit! 

This is a new thing. We have a red "Devices Down" and also a green "Devices Up" sign. We have just started with a new BYOT at our school. It is wonderful. The students can now bring their own phones and laptops to look up their own art images. They can also listen to music on their earphones only if the sign is green. This is wonderful for keeping them on task. 

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