Monday, May 12, 2014

Creatures... Jenna Colby style!

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When I first moved to Athens (for the 3rd time...), I fell in love with an artists' work. Her name is Jenna Colby and she paints out in California. She paints these mystical creatures that are beautifully shaded and painted with such character. I showed her work to my 7th graders. We discussed shading, making lines go in curves to show that something is rounded, drawing eyes, creating simple backgrounds, and simply having your own style. We did not focus on drawing hands, drawing perfect details, nor things of that nature. Below are some of the wonderful results. Thanks, Jenna, for the inspiration! As you all know, for some reason, some of my pictures turn even though I turn them the right way. Tilt your head sideways ;)

They had to complete four (these are in progress). They were to be any mixture of pencil, colored pencil, sharpie, and watercolor. Tilt your head...

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