Monday, July 28, 2014

It's time!

It's that time again, friends. Here we are again for another good year at the middle school. I will be happy to see the students again this Friday!

Summer flew by... but it was the best one yet.

This year, we have different assessments for the students and for the teachers, but hopefully we will survive. I will challenge the students to get creative, to think outside of the box, to brainstorm, and to take creative risks.

During this time each year, I always brainstorm about my lesson plans and about my curriculum map. I have been teaching for 400 years now, and I have lots of ideas. There are set standards, of course, for Visual Arts. They are the National Visual Arts Standards, but also the state mandated standards. For the most part, the students need to be able to apply media, techniques, and processes, through a variety of subject matter and ideas, understand how art relates to history and cultures, and reflect upon their artwork and that of others. They also need to be able to make connections between art and other disciplines. We've got that covered... 8th grade particularly needs to focus a bit more on Georgia art, Native American art and Folk art. Sixth graders study Aboriginal art and Central and South American art. Seventh graders will get to study Asian and African art.

That all being said, it's hard to narrow down exactly what to teach these little folks. We usually start off with the syllabus, information sheet, and then they make their portfolios.

We will roll right into blending, shading, hatching, cross-hatching, etc. They will look at the Elements of Art, such as line (drawing of all sorts, moods with line, etc.), shape, texture (lots of patterns, visual and implied texture), color theory, space (things that are in front of and behind, smaller and large to appear further away and closer), and form (this will come later).

I have the students for 18 weeks (for an hour a day), so we will get to cover a lot of material. We will eventually get into printmaking (foam, linoleum, collagraph), sculpting (paper mache, cardboard, and clay), textiles (weaving), bookmaking (various sorts), collage work, and of course, the 2D supplies and materials. There are lots of things to look forward to in art this year.

If you are a student or parent reading this, below is the syllabus.

Jefferson Middle School Visual Arts       
Dr. Shana Norton

The goal of this course is to provide a working studio experience where students will develop techniques and ideas in both 2 and 3 dimensions. There will be an emphasis on the elements and principles of design.

Required materials: a non-mechanical pencil (daily), and an eraser (daily), a personal pencil sharpener (daily)
(A donation of a pack of white computer paper would be greatly appreciated!)

**Wish list: box of tissues, germ-ex, old paintbrushes, craft paint, tape, ribbon, erasers, rulers, or pencils, etc.  We also are in need of any old spray paint that you may have (parents need to drop this off because students cannot bring this to school). 

Class rules:
-Follow all JMS rules
-Show RESPECT towards the teacher, the materials, and the other students
-Stay in seat
-Clean up after yourself

Could include, but not limited to, verbal warning, contract between student and teacher, moved seat, before or after school detention (SAS), silent lunch, working lunch, ISS, or OSS

Rewards may include: Special rights in class, music, rewards, verbal praise, etc. J

**PARENTS- Stay tuned for more information about an exciting fundraiser where you can buy your child’s artwork framed, on mugs, on t-shirts, on mouse-pads, etc. This would make a great gift and supports the arts!**

Criteria that affects your grade
Quality of work        Personal, expressive work        Time on task       
Good work habit        Sincere effort     Participation in critiques and activities
     Satisfaction of the requirements of the problem      
Taking appropriate risks with your art    
 Using materials and equipment responsibly


100    95   90              89    85    80               79    73             72   70           69<
                                  Aa                            Bb                        Cc                     Dd             Ff                                            
                        Outstanding Effort              Very Good                     Good                   Needs Improvement
                  Excellent- Above Average                                                                            Barely Acceptable

**Questions? Email is the best way to contact me.  I will respond ASAP.**

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