Wednesday, July 2, 2014


This is me and my wild men. Thank goodness for the ocean. Isn't it calming? I believe that half of the art work in our home has to do with waves (thanks, Sobe), the tides, the ocean, or cool colors pertaining to the calmness of the sea. Thank you, God, for the ocean. It will continue to inspire my lesson plans, artwork, and life.

I have my family in perfect control. If you look at most of my family pictures, my children are crawling all over me, laughing, flipping on their heads, or attacking me. I have complete control... just like in the classroom. Ha ha! 
School is almost upon us. We have the 4th of July and a few more weeks. Make the most of it! My little guy will start Kindergarten in a few weeks. Life is flying by, one glorious minute at a time. Make the most of it. This has been the best summer ever, with boys ages three and five. Everything is magical to them at this time. They enjoy the little things in life. I hope that I can take that into the classroom with me and remember that inside every middle schooler is a 3-5 year old waiting to come out!

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