Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Day of Code

Thanks to our wonderful teachers here at JMS, we allowed the students to practice computer coding during their connections class this past Monday. The students went to their first connection and stayed there the entire time. We had them watch a short clip (see the videos below) and we discussed why you would need to learn computer code, what jobs are available, numbers of jobs available, how ART is involved, etc. Of course, here in the art room, I had to give my creative art twist. I pushed the need for computers in textile design, engineering, designing items for humanity, and graphic design.
                                             BFA Senior Thesis  "Authentic Expressions"  30"x30" Digital Prints on Cotton Sateen     Frames by: Rusty Wallace
We recently had our beloved Brooke Davidson, a student teacher, who was more like a visiting artist. I keep posting on her, but I really did discuss her work with the students in regards to coding and computers. It was a great conversation! She actually paints, takes pictures, scans, and then also does computer work in layers on her pieces. They have so much depth!

She was also the finalist in a nation wide competition:

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