Thursday, December 18, 2014

More Festiveness!

The students just cannot help their excitement when they know that tomorrow is the last day before their Holiday Break. They are working on their ornament paintings/drawings, working on finishing up their clay, and a few other random projects. I even have some who are just studying for their exams (when they completed their work for this class, of course!). Below are some images from the last few days. Again, I cannot help the few images that turn themselves... I have them the right way until I upload them. Have grace, folks.

 The sweet thing above took an old ornament that she had and made prints with it, using printmaking ink, a brayer, etc. This was part of her final project. 

Above are some of the clay pieces that have yet to be picked up. Please encourage your child to do so. I hate throwing those away, but have no choice at the end of the semester!

 The above and below images are part of the 8th graders' final "your choice" projects. They are doing such an amazing job.

More ornament images below:  

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