Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Welcome Back!

Welcome! If you are just now looking at this blog because your child has me for art, then welcome. I am looking forward to having you child in class. I love these little folks.  They are so interesting. There is never a dull moment!! 

FYI- I will tell you that I hate to hear "I'm not good at art!" or "I'll tell you right now that I stink at art!" I heard both of those today. How sad. Please remind your child that art is many things, using many materials, and many of those can be learned. Please tell your child that he/she is an awesome and amazing little being and that I will love him or her. Please have them to try their best, try new things, and to use their imagination in the art room. Please tell them that everything should NOT look the same in this classroom. Please assure them that I will only grade on effort, time on task, creativity, and the like. In middle school, art is a connections class that they do not choose. It's a class where they will have 18 weeks learning about and experimenting with art, learning techniques and tools, art ideas, learning about art careers, etc. 

choose to sing :)

Again, please don't let your child be fearful of this class because he or she thinks that they cannot draw. 

I will be posting images of what is going on in the art room quite frequently, at least every few days. Please check back. Also, you're more than welcome to click on the links to the right and you can see past projects and students. Enjoy! 

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