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Syllabus- Welcome back kiddos!

The goal of this course is to provide a working studio experience where students will develop techniques and ideas in both 2 and 3 dimensions. There will be an emphasis on the elements and principles of design.

Required materials: a non-mechanical pencil (daily), and an eraser (daily), a personal pencil sharpener (daily)
(A donation of a pack of white computer paper would be greatly appreciated!)

**Wish list: box of tissues, germ-ex, old paintbrushes, craft paint, tape, ribbon, erasers, rulers, or pencils, etc.  We also are in need of any old spray paint that you may have (parents need to drop this off because students cannot bring this to school). 

Class rules:
-Follow all JMS rules
-Show RESPECT towards the teacher, the materials, and the other students
-Stay in seat
-Clean up after yourself

Could include, but not limited to, verbal warning, contract between student and teacher, moved seat, before or after school detention, silent lunch, working lunch, ISS, or OSS

Rewards may include: Special rights in class, music, rewards, verbal praise, etc. J

**PARENTS- Stay tuned for more information about an exciting fundraiser where you can buy your child’s artwork framed, on mugs, on t-shirts, on mouse-pads, etc. This would make a great gift and supports the arts!**

Criteria that affects your grade
Quality of work        Personal, expressive work        Time on task       
Good work habit        Sincere effort     Participation in critiques and activities
     Satisfaction of the requirements of the problem      
Taking appropriate risks with your art    
 Using materials and equipment responsibly


100    95   90              89    85    80               79    73             72   70           69<
                                  Aa                            Bb                           Cc                     Dd             Ff                                              
                        Outstanding Effort              Very Good                     Good                   Needs Improvement
                  Excellent- Above Average                                                                            Barely Acceptable

6th  Grade
7th  Grade
8th  Grade
Portfolios for storing our artwork: Notes on color theory, linear perspective, organic and geometric shapes, and the Elements of Art and Design
Portfolios for storing our artwork: Notes on color theory, linear perspective, organic and geometric shapes, and the Elements of Art and Design
Portfolios for storing our artwork: Notes on color theory, linear perspective, organic and geometric shapes, and the Elements of Art and Design
“Square One Art” Fundraiser project: We worked on composition, blending, and overall good design qualities.
“Square One Art” Fundraiser project: We worked on composition, blending, and overall good design qualities.
“Square One Art” Fundraiser project: We worked on composition, blending, and overall good design qualities. We also discussed graphic design.
Bookmaking: We are creating books using Japanese origami techniques, studying tins and shades using geometric and organic shapes, and perhaps more origami for the cover
Stretched magazine pictures: We are studying modern art and optical illusions. We will study color theory using Prismacolor Colored Pencils. We will  discuss blending and shading using appropriate techniques. We will also study value.
Printmaking: Architectural Printmaking with Albrecht Durer: Students are actually creating linoleum prints using block printing ink. They will learn how to correctly pull a print and will learn how to sign, date, and number artwork.
Impressionism: Students will study the great Impressionistic Painters and will create their own. They will use oil pastels to blend the landscapes with the appropriate mixture of colors. They will use compliments for shadows.
We will be making African Coil Pottery. Students will learn the appropriate hand-building techniques for making a coil pot. They will roll coils and slabs, scratch, slip, fire, glaze, and sand their pottery.
Graphic Design: The students will work on a dragon design for a t-shirt that the entire 8th grade team will be wearing on their field trips. We discussed printmaking, silk screens, graphic design, budget, etc.
Students will study one point perspective and will recreate an imaginary room similar to Vincent Van Gogh’s “Room at Arles”. The students will learn how to show depth using lines.
Keith Haring: Studying social issues and communication in art. Materials to be determined…
Portrait drawing: Students will learn facial proportions and shading. We will create an oil pastel portrait and a charcoal portrait studying value, shading, proportions, etc. They will study Frida Kahlo.
Students will create a clay relief tile  similar to those  found  in Central America. They will use the slab technique, and will learn how to roll, slip, score, fire, and glaze the clay.
Andy Warhol Self Portraits- Mixed Media- Pop Art
Chuck Close Grid Self Portrait: Students will use Photoshop Enhanced self portraits to grid similar to how the artist Chuck Close paints. They will use a value chart of textures that they create to show value in this image.
Students will create a relief sculpture using cardboard. We will study recycled art. The students will show various texture and design with their materials.
Jenna Colby- We will discuss young artists and how they get started. We will discuss having your own personal style in art. We will also discuss creativity.
Robert Arneson: Students will create a ceramic portrait sculpture using various sculpture techniques. They will fire and glaze these.
European Stained Glass Project: Using black construction paper and tissue paper, students will create their own stained glass piece.
Non-objective abstract circles- made using a viewfinder and painted with acrylic paints. Each one will represent a different monochromatic color scheme. Students will mix their own paints and learn painting techniques.
Kara Walker Silhouettes: Students will discuss how art is used to communicate a message. We will discuss positive and negative space while looking at how art is used for conveying personal expression and political statements.
Group project: Students will work on creating dragons using various patterns and texture. They will share these with the group and then watercolor and colored pencil these dragons. We will study different fantasy habitats.
Tibetan Mandela- Students will study the Monks of Tibet and will look at the sacred practice of making Mandelas. They will use radial symmetry to create their own!
Harlem Renaissance: Jacob Lawrence or Romare Bearden: We will study the Harlem Renaissance and the rebirth and renewal of African American art at this time. Students will create a mixed media piece.
Students will study Henri Rousseau and will create a layered contour drawing by looking at plants in our outdoor habitat.
Surrealism with Magritte and Dali: Students will be creating a collage from magazine images, gridding and enlarging the image, and then using acrylic paints to complete the project.
Georgia O’Keefe: Students will study value in drawing bones similar to Georgia O’Keefe’s style. They will enlarge these so as to create an almost abstract image.
***Projects are subject to change!! J ***
Cityscapes: Students will learn the process of drawing using linear perspective (two point). They will create their own magical cities using what they have learned.
Perspective: Students will combine one and two point perspective into a project similar  to the style of Edward Hopper, the great American painter.

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