Friday, May 30, 2014

Happy Bday E

My youngest turned three... and the oldest was helping him blow out the candles, shirtless none the less. (We had played in the water for hours, so he was shirtless.) What do art teachers do all summer besides dream of magical lesson plans and clean art rooms? We make cakes and throw parties. This cake was not of Pinterest magnitude, but still, it was amazing to a three year old. It was a Jake cake and it made his eyes light up!! I built it from layers of yellow cake, homemade chocolate buttercream icing, and put pirouline cookies in the side with candles. He thought that it was the coolest thing ever. The look on his face when I brought it out will be forever etched on my mind. Happy Birthday little E! Your mother loves you. No one ever said that this was a blog only for the art room... In three weeks, we will be having a TMNT birthday party!

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