Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jenna Colby

The 7th graders will start looking into the art of Jenna Colby, a modern California artist. This artist is great to study for many reasons... 1) The students can be creative and free, but yet still be practicing their facial features without knowing it, 2) the students can practice drawing realistic eyes, 3) the students can draw cylindrical objects, such as legs, trees, etc. and can practice contour drawing to make them look more realistic. This artist also is undergoing a change. She has set herself up for a 30 day art challenge, which we all should do! She has to create 30 pieces in 30 days. Wow! Her work is below:


I will have the students create their works on small index cards. They will each create four. In the past, they have painted on small squares of watercolor paper, but 1) we are out and 2) Jenna Colby doesn't appear to be painting on canvas squares anymore!

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